USA Hockey Select 15 camp set to kick off July 16th

July 14, 2016

TORONTO, Ont. -- The temperature outside shouldn't be invoking feelings about hockey, but that'll change this Saturday as the USA Hockey Select 15 camp kicks off at the Northtown Center at Amherst.


Over 200 of the top American '01 birth-year players will be participating in the camp, with players being organized into 12 separate teams for the duration of the tournament. Highlighting the schedule for those in attendance will be three days worth of games, starting on Sunday July 17th. The camp format will also feature an augmented 3-on-3 tournament on July 18th which will surely show off a little more skill than the 5-on-5 play might.


While the camp won't go all that far towards determining how this crop will play out, it's the first real solid opportunity for USA Hockey to get a barometer of where players are at relative to their peers. It'll be one of the first steps in terms of building out what will ultimately become the 2017/18 USNTDP Under-17 team, so expect no shortage of competition on the ice; even if there's a bit of rust for some players to shake off given the gap from the end of the season.


Conversely, the tournament also serves as a strong initial viewing for OHL teams - of which you can expect many scouts to be in attendance. Most scouts at the OHL will have a very limited viewing database of all but a few of the players involved, with this camp serving as a good initial foray into seeing where the '01 age group is at.


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