US Select 15 Camp highlights summer slate

July 15, 2017

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Don't forget about the nice weather just yet - after all, the calendar still says July - but for a brief window the rink will once again be the place to be as USA Hockey Welcomes a plethora of '02 born players to their annual Select 15 Camp in Amherst, N.Y.


The camp features 12 teams divided amongst three pools, playing a number of games over the next several days while also having an opportunity to show their skills in practice and get their first real taste of the USA Hockey program. For OHL scouts, this is an absolute must-see to get an early look at as many American born players as you can. For us, it's an opportunity to see how much of this age group is tracking relative to where they were in bantam; and an early opportunity to set the stage for the 2017/18 season.


Link: Schedule + Results | Statistics


While you won't find names like Schmeidlin, Longhi, or Rossi on the camp roster, you will find the bulk of the talent in the American '02 crop in Amherst as this first-look camp provides an opportunity for players to work their way into NTDP consideration.


And don't read too much into any ommissions as that's more or less par for the course. For instance, you wouldn't have found Johnny Beecher's name on last year's edition of this camp roster.


More than anything, the most intriguing names to look forward to each year are which Ontario players find their way into this camp. There's no exception to that this year as Tyler Tullio and Dylan Robinson fit the profile of top-end players that will be making an appearance at camp.


We'll be making our own foray down to Buffalo for Sunday's slate of games, so stay tuned for a recap of those viewings next week.






In the summer of development, the US Select 16 Camp already took centre stage last weekend. With the NTDP's roster already set in stone and not partaking in the camp, The result of that camp was the US U17 Select roster that will travel to the Czech Republic in August to particiapte in the Five Nations Tournament.


Link: Roster


Perhaps you could make a case for a few surprising ommissions, but for the most part the roster won't be a shock to many. John Farinacci was the camp leader with 10 points in 6 games while Hamilton prospect Arthur Kaliyev was the top goal scorer with six. 

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