Rebels take 2016 Titans Tournament, remain good at hockey

September 12, 2016

TORONTO, ONT. -- Eight games, eight wins. 30 goals for, five against. One championship. 


While most teams dream of getting to Sunday, to call it an expectation for the '01 Mississauga Rebels to be there, does disservice to the word. Despite a modest amount of roster turnover - by GTHL standards - the Rebels picked up right where they left off as they cement themselves as the team to beat in minor midget. 


But that's not to say they're unbeatable, either.


On Sunday, the Whitby Wildcats, a team that literally embodies the word team chemistry, came oh so close to knocking off the Rebels and avenging a loss to that very same GTHL-based club in last year's All Ontario's. While they came out on the wrong end of a 3-2 scoreline, which required overtime to settle, the Wildcats are well on pace to follow in the footsteps of last year's ETA brethren, the York Simcoe Express, who culminated that season with a coveted OHL Cup title.


For a tournament that often produces some uneven results, this year's Titans Tournament largely went as expected, albeit augmented by a few upstart performances across the board. While our viewings were largely targeted towards full games of teams that are harder to see, many of the usual suspects dotted the tournament scoring leaders come the final whistle. 


What does it mean for the rest of the year? Well, it means there's still a heck of a lot of hockey left to be played.


The minor midget season is fast and furious, with no shortage of tournaments, showcases, and important league games highlighting the calendar throughout. Come Thanksgiving, the Titans Tournament will be all but a distant memory as teams descend on London, Windsor (Tier 1), or Detroit (Honebaked/Compuare Tournament).


But for now, if you thought the Mississauga Rebels were going to take any step back with the few changes in personnel they saw, they didn't. If you thought the Whitby Wildcats' lack of high-end talent would see others surpass them, it's not. And if you think there's no shortage of teams just behind them that'll make this one heck of an interesting season? You'd be 100% correct.


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