Priority Selection releases '01 top-200 ranking

May 01, 2016

TORONTO, Ont. -- Priority Selection is pleased to announce the release of our season ending top-200 ranking for the 2001 birth-year players that will be eligible for the 2017 OHL Priority Selection to subscribers.


Link: Top 200 Rankings (Subscribers - $)


The rankings taken in hundreds of live viewings dating back to the Toronto Red Wings tournament that kicked off the 2015-16 Bantam season. In addition to league games, our travels took us to the United States on several occasions this season to get multiple live viewings of the top American teams, as well as every major tournament to hit the calendar in Ontario.


The top-200 ranking contains commentary on every rated player totalling in excess of 10,000 words worth of content. For expanded profiles, the Players section of our website features an intuitive database that subscribers can use to access detailed scouting reports which include a breakdown of our player ratings in several categories on the 20/80 scale. For a free sample profile on Cambridge Hawks forward Ryan Campbell, click here.


The rankings themselves take into consideration a number of factors, which include but are not limited to:


- No influence from outside sources. All of our work is independent and will remain that way

- Consideration of intangible projections such as future potential heading into the 2016/17 season and beyond

- Role projection at the next level relative to a player's current abilities

- No bias between Canadian and American born players


Unfortunately, our travels this season did not include an opportunity to see every team in the age group at least three times, so several teams have been omitted from the ranking process out of due consideration. Namely, those include Team Wisconsin, Team Maryland, and the Selects Academy.


Over the coming weeks we still have upwards of another 100 detailed profiles which will continue to be added into our Players database for subscribers to access. While the date remains yet to be confirmed, we will also be putting out a top-20 ranking of '01 born goaltenders at some point this summer in advance of the upcoming season, likely prior to the US Select 15 Festival which takes place in Amherst from July 16-20.


It's been a whirlwind year on our end and and we're looking forward for what's come next year. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates throughout the summer!


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