Priority Selection officially launches

December 22, 2015

TORONTO, Ont. -- Just in time for Christmas, Priority Selection is officially here! Our start-up independent scouting service focuses specifically on the 2001 age-group covering the OHL draft eligible territories. In laymen's terms, that means we're covering players who will be eligible for the 2017 OHL Priority Selection who are mainly playing in Ontario or the 24 states that belong to the OHL's draft right territory.


So, why bantam you might ask? Unlike the WHL which will be drafting 2001-born players in 2016, the OHL and QMJHL draft formats allot for an extra year of development for players with the draft being held in their 15-year-old season. That said, our intention is to create a service that would provide unique information with scouting reports on prospects that will help to tell a better picture of their development curve as they transition into their draft season in 2015-16.


Registering as a member 

With comprehensive reports, grade-scale reports, tiering, and rankings, it is our hope that this information will be of value to OHL, USHL, and NCAA teams, as well as hockey agencies, coaches, and parents alike. We'll also be maintaining an up-to-date NCAA commitment tracker, the continued updates of team rosters in the draft territory, and no shortage of news updates and columns detailing the age group as they enter the second half of the calendar season. As of launch, we have over 50 player profiles ready for subscribers with many more to come.


Accessing scouting reports is based on a one-year subscription to the site which is priced at $50.00. To register, click this link and you'll be able to create your own username and password with payments being made securely through PayPal. Upon completion of the process you will receive immediate access to the site's exclusive member content.


How we evaluate

In addition to our written scouting reports, we've unveiled our first foray into applying baseball's 20/80 scouting scale to five categories of tools we've identified for scouting purposes: (1) Skating; (2) Shot; (3) Hockey IQ; (4) Compete; and (5) Physicality. When you're assessing players at this age a lot of projection is required which is why we believe strongly in the strength of evaluating tools. For some additional reading on how the attribute grades work, click here.


Alternatively, you can also check out our free draft profile of potential top-10 player Ryan Campbell (Cambridge) to get an idea of how our profiles are structured.


Beyond our tool grades, we also have filtered players into five separate tiers to give you an idea of where a player slots in relative to the age group: (1) AAA (potential top-20); (2) AA (potential top-40); (3) A (potential top-100); (4) B (potential top-200); and C (potential late-round pick). It's important to note that our rankings do not have any bias between Canadian and American players and while we are fully cognizant that a number of these players will defer to the NCAA route, our rankings are not subjective to that rationale.


At the conclusion of the Port Huron International Silver Stick in January, we will begin the compilation of our Mid-Term Top 100 that will provide further clarification beyond the letter grades. A final ranking will be released in late April with a Top 150 that will serve as our final baseline moving into the 2016-17 season where we'll see just how well our rankings hold up as players go through a pivotal growth and development stage over the summer.


Where we evaluate

Based out of Toronto, Ont. and Guelph, Ont. respectively, our geographic locations provide us with excellent access to the GTHL, ETA, SCTA, and Alliance loops where we've seen countless league games throughout the season. With no shortage of tournament action, we've also been diligent in our ability to obtain multiple viewings of each AAA team in Ontario, in addition to a number of viewings of USA teams in Tier 1, the HPHL, AYHL, and Independent teams. Here's a listing of tournaments attended as of launch:


  • Ontario: Toronto Red Wings Earlybird, Wendy Dufton Memorial (London), Tim Horton's International (Hamilton), Kitchener Blueline, Hamilton Bulldogs Reebok Classic, Waterloo Gold Puck, Vaughan Kings Classic
  • USA: Tier 1 Showcase, HPHL Showcase
  • What's Left: Toronto Marlboros Holiday Classic, Port Huron Silver Stick


We're excited to be off the ground and hope that our subscribers find value in what we're able to offer through Priority Selection