'01 goaltender ranking set for March 27th release

March 27, 2016

TORONTO, Ont. -- The OHL Cup has almost come and gone, with the just the Toronto Nationals and Mississauga Reps left standing as they look to take home the crown at the Mattamy Athletic Centre tonight.


With that game essentially signifying the end of the minor midget season in Ontario, all but a few events remain on the schedule before April 8th hits with the formal arrival of the 2017 OHL Priority Selection.


As we announced back in January, our '01 Final Goaltender Ranking will be released to subscribers next Monday, March 27th. The ranking will cover the Top-30 first-time draft eligible goaltenders. 


Why 30?

That seems to be the magic number - plus or minus a few - that you'll see go in an OHL Priority Selection. More recently, 31 goaltenders were selected in the 2016 edition of the draft, while 28 went a year prior in 2015. We'll have some additional commentary to support some of the trends in the league that will accompany our ranking release, as well.


Why are they separate rankings?

Like most OHL teams, we buy into the notion that goaltenders are a unique commodity and need to be treated as such, which means separately. In addition to ranking goaltenders, the real trick is trying to determine the draft value that each goaltender may purport to have, relative to the skaters. In 2016, we saw just five goaltenders go in the top-100 picks. That trend looked much different in 2015, when 10 goaltenders were part of the top-100, including two in the top-40 picks.


Either way you slice it, selecting a goaltender is a very inexact science and requires teams to not only gauge a goaltender's value in terms of a projected draft round; but also deal with the added element of team need. It's very rare to see a team take a goaltender high in a draft in back-to-back years, which is another contributing factor to a draft trend that normally sees the top tier of goaltenders be taken off the board from rounds 2-5, which is subsequently followed by a run on goalies that usually comes about in the 6-8th rounds.


What's coming up?

In addition to a continuous stream of '01 and '02 extended scouting reports that are being added to our subscriber database daily, the next several weeks will see no shortage of rankings being published, with expanded commentary on every ranked player.


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